Knife Hinges How Can I Make A Secret Compartment In.....?

How Can i make a secret compartment in.....? - knife hinges

a floating platform?

I want to be sure, because I think you throw knives, so you must have a lock, and look like a normal board.

be articulated with the special fund so that if you have a button to release or capture button on the page, the bottom open and display the knives.

Has anyone seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith? such as cooking, a little deeper into the high-tech!


Slim Whitman said...

You can make a cavity in the lower surface of a piece of the pie of the shelf, from the material path is made, and finds a door on a hinge or the release of the coverage area of the revocation.
Spring hinges and magnetic closure .. Fishing, which is pushed and remains.

Just a thought.

kenneyg said...

I believe that instead of rebuilding all of their cabins. I want a table as something that is used to get when buying SilverWear and lock them in place, you can hold the knife. If you are worried that leads to nothing. Open it and insert the screws through the Bottema and on the surface, where it remained.

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